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The Rheem Classic 90 Plus Modulating Gas Furnace with Contour Comfort Control is exceptionally quiet. While providing heating efficiencies of over 94.3% A.F.U.E. It eliminates hot and cold spots by using optional remote sensors to analyze the temperature at up to six locations in your house. Thermostat temperatures possibly may vary no more than one-half of one degree.

The Contour Comfort Control is the furnace's "brain." This temperature control system constantly analyzes your home's temperature while directing the furnace to give the exact temperature you want at exactly the time you want it.

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90% Efficient 2 Stage


90% Efficient

The Rheem Classic 90 Plus Gas Furnace is a highly efficient unit providing a 94.3% AFUE. It features an aluminized and stainless steel heat exchanger with a limited lifetime warranty. Terminals are on-board for easy hook-up of comfort options such as an electronic air cleaner or humidifier. The Rheem Classic 90 Plus Gas Furnace is available in upflow and downflow/horizontal models, providing the foundation for a home comfort solution that will provide years of service.


80% Efficient 2 stage

Install the Criterion II Plus 2 and you'll enjoy the benefits of lower operating costs and quieter operation from a two-stage furnace. Like the Criterion II Plus 2 LXE, most of the time the Criterion II Plus 2 operates in the first stage at an energy-saving 70% capacity. It moves to second stage, 100% capacity only when necessary to maintain the desired comfort level.


80% Efficient

The Rheem Criterion Gas Furnace is a value-alternative that delivers 80% fuel efficiency for home comfort. The Criterion is available in upflow and downflow/horizontal models to accommodate almost any installation requirement.